Udit Narayan songs, age, wife annd also family. He is playback singer. 1st December, 1955 is his date of birth. 1st, December 1955 is his date of birth. Bhardaha in Nepal District Saptari is his birth place.

Udit Narayan Songs

Udit Narayan songs in different He is Nepalli and also Bollywood movies famous actor. More, he is a famous commercial singer and highest paid in India. Udit Narayan net worth is the 20 million. He won national and also five time film awards. In the year 2009, he also won the Padma Shri awards.

More, he also won the Padma Bhushan Goverment 2016 Indian award.
Unees Bees movie is first debut of his singing. He sung diffrent songs in more than 36 languages. He sung more than 25000 songs. Udit Narayan songs list is huge.

His father is the Krishna. He is farmer. Bhuwaneshwarri is the mother name. she is also singer. Udit Narayan wife name is Deepa narayan. They married in 1985. More, he also married with Ranjana in 1984. Further, he divorced her. He has a son Aditya Narayaan. His religion is Hindu. Sagitarius is his star. Nationality is the Indian. Udit Narayan age is 44 in 2017.

His body size is the 37-30-12. 70 kg is the weight. 30 is the waist size. Udit Narayan height is five feet and also five inches. 37 is his chest. Hair, eyes color is black. Udit Narayan songs and also his personal life etc.


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