Saudi Arabia Film Council has announced the 35% of films shot rebate in the Saudi Arab and 50% is for the studio. This 50% rebate is for local studios talent.

The General Culture Authority chief executive Ahmad Al-Mezyed explains in a press conference in Cannes, southern France 71st international film Festival. It is held on 11th May 2018. 35 years ban on the film cinemas in Saudi Arabia has lifted. Now Saudi Arabia has been entered into the World biggest market of film Industry and now it has open the new business market.

The first pavilion is now established in this year with the Cannes Film Festival. The 35 years ban is lifted with the desert kingdom. It has opened the 33 million business. 70% is the under thirty. It is both filming and also theatres production.
Ahmad Al Mezyed the chief executive said to the reporters, it is the first call to shoot in the country “Saudi”.

Further, he also said after the good support, we will continue it in many regions. Because he wants to make this Industry to dominate. He also said to welcome the world to the Saudi county.

He also explained the guidelines that are acceptable in the society and country. The further announcement will be cleared next week. Most of them will be on women and their dresses during film and film sets. He also said about the 50% movie making program will be on women training.

70% question is relating to women and their wearing. He also explained about the filmmaker’s female freedom. Many ideas are of pre-2015, what Saudi use to embed to media.

He said freedom already exists as Haifaa Al Mansour is the successful director of Wadja 2013 film. The Wadja is the Academy Award-nominated film.

More, Saudi Arabia is also planning to settle the grant national Saudi filmmakers programme scholarships to the student of studying film abroad. The scholarships will also be for making own film academy.


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