Too a good deal of everything is bad and that’s precisely what has took place with Sardaarji 2! This one has numerous components which become spoiling the dish.

Sardaarji 2 is the tale of a safal kisaan, an agriculturist, who grows massively sized greens via his unique nutrients for the vegetation, dadaji da nuska wali urea. The film starts with a set of human beings dispensing coins in candy bins and there may be a deal occurring about a piece of land in Moga, which belongs to Jaggi (Said by means of a man with a mustache – two instances). Cut to, an old guy goes to the farmer’s market and gets humiliated via the same guy you spot inside the beginning and  3 young guys get overwhelmed up through that awful man, who then rush to Jaggi and request him to thrash the one’s horrific guys and take revenge.

That’s the time once I realized that Diljit has a double function in the movie, or I may additionally say that Diljit has a character that’s depicting his irritated side and is referred to as-as Athra. This brawl leads Jaggi’s buddies to imprisonment and that is wherein I got to recognize that it became a hard and fast up to grab Jaggi’s land.

Things take a flip and all of a sudden Jaggi winds up in Australia and is seen sitting on a clean chair in a workplace and sharing display area with him is Anjana Sukhani, the medical doctor. A few flashbacks and one gets to recognize that it has already been more than five months that jnaab has been here and has executed nothing a good deal

Movie: Sardaarji 2

Directed by; Rohit Jugraj

Writing Credits: Surmeet Maavi, Dheeraj Rattan

Produced by: Gunbir Singh Sidhu, Manmord Sidhu

Language: Punjabi

Release date: 24th June 2016


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