Bollywood biggest project of all time Robot 2.0 Release date is delayed. If you have heard the rumors like that then you got right. The reaction of fans showed that they cannot wait for any more for the Akshay Kumar and Rajnikanth stared movie. But unluckily due to some technical issues release date has to postpone.

Robot 2.0 New Date

The most awaited movie Robot 2.0 is tied up. The film was to release on 27 January 2018 but according to new schedule focus in on April. New announced date is 27 April instead of January.

Robot 2.0 Release Date

The film robot 2  is said to be India’ maximum costly movies in phrases of the salaries paid to the actors, VFX and special effects used to make the 3D audio and video. Rajnikanth & Akshay Kumar starrer, robot 2.0 is said to be first sci-fi film that is made in India and best by means of Indians. No overseas device or artists from the foreign land are involved in the making of robot 2.0.

Experts are saying that movie Robot 2.0 will burst all the records of Dangal as well as Bahubali sequel. Movie starring Akshay Kumar and Rajnikanth attracted the fans with a new style.

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