Raid Movie Trailer

Raid movie trailer watch to know its full story. The “Raid movie” is an upcoming Ajay Devgan film. This is 2018 new release film. It has Ajay Devgn, IIleanaD’ Cruz main rolling actors. Raj Kumar Gupta is also the director of this film. Bhushaan Kumar, Abhishek Pathak both are the producers.

Raid movie Trailer of two to three minutes has been released. An upcoming movie of Ajay Devgan is going to release next month. The main role and actors are the following. Cruz main, Ajay Devgn and also lleana. Raj Kumar Gupta director of this movie. Abhishek Pathak, Bhushan are its producers. This movie is basically on the topic of corruption. The release date is the 16th March of this year. Raid movie Trailer is reflecting the whole movie story. It has fighting, action and also romance scenes in it.

The movie is in Hindi language. It is the movie of Uttar Pradesh historic age corruption. The high profile belonging income tax officer is involve in tax corruption issues.

In short, this is the movie of historic corruption take place in 80’s of Uttar Paradesh. Watch Raid movie Trailer and also wait for next month of its release date to enjoy the whole movie.


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