Punjabi movies boost up the mood and give more enjoyment. If you are interested to get information about the best Punjabi movies 2017, then you are present at a good place in this regard. You will get a list of upcoming Punjabi movies as well as trending movies of the year 2017 from this place. So without wasting your time, have a look at the content for your desired results. You will get all Punjabi movies 2017 new list after reading this article.

Manje bistre:

Manje bistre is one of the best comedy Punjabi movie of 2017. The story of this movies revolves around the wedding of a girl. A young man, gippy, tries to impress a girl whose marriage was fixed some days ago. It is a complete Punjabi movie encapsulated with comedy and romance. Gippy Grewal, Karamjit Anmol, Sonam Bajwa and Jaggi Singh are in pivotal roles. You can enjoy this movie with your family and friends as it doesn’t contain any bold or western scene.


Lahoriye is one of the famous Punjabi movie of 2017. If I could say that it is in the top of Punjabi movies 2017 list, then it will be right. The story of movie rotates on an emotional drama. A boy named nikkar singh sees a girl on the other side of the border. During this, he falls in love with her. He went to Lahore for marriage. After this, the story gets another drama. The grandfather of girl and boy were friends before partition of Pak-Ind. Amrinder Gill is playing the role of kikkar singh while Sargun Mehta is showing her skills as Amreen Khan. It is also in new Punjabi movies 2017 list.

Rocky mental:

It is a Punjabi action drama movie revolving around boxing. Parmesh Verma, famous Bollywood movie star, is showing his skills as Rocky or Rajdeep Singh Dhaliwal. You can get the amazing action of fighting skills with your family and friends. If I could say, it is the combination of comedy and emotional drama film, then it will not be wrong. Rocky fights for his friend because he really loves him. The movie was directed by Vikram Thori. Other than this, you can get a lot of entertainment from comedy and fights. You can enjoy this new Punjabi movie 2017 latest list.


Bailaras is one of the best comedy Punjabi movie of the year 2017. Binnu Dhillon, karamjit Anmol, hobby Dhaliwal are showing their skills in this movie. Binnu Dhillon is the main role of this movie. He is famous for winning tractor pulling contests rewards in his village. Due to this reason, people get amazed at him. The movie was released back in October 2017. This movie is getting many scores on movie websites. Surely, you will get perfect entertainment after watching this movie. It is also present in best Punjabi movies 2017 Indian list.

Nikka zaildar 2:

If you are interested to watch one of the best Punjabi movie 2017, then you are at right place. It is the sequel to nikka zaildar. The movie was directed under the direction of simerjit singh with stunning cast of sonam bajwa, Ammy Virk, wamiqagabbi and many other famous actors. it is a complete package of comedy. Entertainment and fight. You can watch this movie in conemas from sSeptember22, 2017. Nirmal rishi is showing her skills as nikka’s bebe. She is also one of the famous role in the movie.

Rab da radio:

Rab da radio Punjabi Movies 2017

Rab da radio is one of the best family movie related to family problems. You can enjoy love, hate, family relations and much more from this single movie with its blistering cast. It will take you to the era of 80’s when radios were very famous in the world. Naseeb and guddi are two main roles in the movie. After that, there comes another person between their relationships. It is a complete package of family movie that will take you to the joint family world. Tarsem jassar, simmi Chahal, Nirmal Rishi and Mandy Takhar are playing important roles in rad da radio movie. It is present in best Punjabi movies 2017 list funny.

Super Singh:

super singh movie watch online

The best movie of 2017 is here for you. Super Singh is one of the top class comedy Punjabi movie that will rock and roll you from your seats. The whole film was made in Canada and India. Diljit Dosanjh, Sonam Bajwa, Pavan Malhotra are playing leading roles in the movie. The release date of super Singh movie is 16 June 2017. Sajjan Singh came back to his home after some crises. It is one of the best comedy movies in the movie industry.

Final words:

Punjabi movies 2017 list possess comedy, love, romance and also fighting movies. You will enjoy this list. Furthermore, this list will also help you to select your mood and choice film. The Punjabi movies 2017 list is complete Hindi movies of this year in the Punjabi language. You can also know the movie’s story and the topic of the movies. It will save your time and also energy. There is no need to search from different places. All are here for you and also movies lovers. You can also share this list with your friends on social networks.


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