Padman Trailer

Padman trailer is showing the movie main topic and also the story. In the movie story, a newly married man tries to make something for wife menses. He really feels his wife need something comfortable for her period days. Therefore he tries to make something for these days use. The Padman trailer is also on the same topic. You can know Padman full story just after watching a movie trailer. The man Lakshmi finally succeed to make sanitary napkins for her wife and others.

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Padman song are here. Aaj Se eTeeri, The Pad Man, Sayanni, Salle Saapne and also Hu Baa Ho.

Padman trailer, the story is Bollywood film Industry unique movie for women. You will enjoy its funny and also needed topic for women, girls. How a man-made sanitary napkin for his wife and finally it is introduced for all women. Further, in the market, many companies are going to appear for making sanitary napkins.

In short, this is a film on women menses uncomfortable issues. How husband tries to do something for his wife during her period days. Thus, finally, in the result, sanitary napkins introduced in the market. Watch Padman trailer and know the whole story of this upcoming movie.


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