Padman release date

Padman release date is the 9th of February 2018. The movie is an interesting story of a newly married man Lakshmi. He was worried about her wife menses unconformable condition. Therefore he thought and also tried to make something comfortable for women in these days. He introduced cotton sanitary pads for menses days. The story of the movie is very different from all other Bollywood movies. Padman release date is in the February month of this year.

It is interesting movie especially for women and young girls. Padman introduced the low as well as cheap rates pads for young women. India rural areas women enjoy this new sanitary use of pads. This comfortable sanitary napkins solve their problem during monthly period days.

Padman release date is the next month 9th, February 2018. Main start and also cast in this movie are the following. Sonam Kapoor, Akshay Kumar and also Radhika Apte.

Director of this movie is the R. Balki. Writers are R. Balke, Swanand Kirkere.

Akshay Kumar is performing the role of character titular in this film. R Balki, diva both visited the school and distributed sanitary napkins to school young girls. Padman release date is the next coming month 14th.


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