Akshay Kumar movie role of Sonam Kapoor

PadMan Movie is very near to release date. The promotion posters are everywhere on social media exposing the big event. We know the role of Akshay is different this time but everyone doesn’t know the Sonam’s character which amazed me.

Sonam Kapoor posted her picture on her Twitter account. In the image, she is doing the rehearsal for tabla. Sonam wrote on her twitter post that she got new opportunity to learn a different thing. In the Bollywood movie, PadMan Kapoor will play as table artist. More, she is working for people as a social activist in the movie.

Padman movie

You can see the picture here where Sonam is playing tabla on the stage. This is a brand new character for her as she never before acted like that. And she seems to enjoy her character with a beautiful smile on her face. Her promising acting and captivating role will add much more in the film.

The look of Sonam telling that the movie will go very interesting with special characters like this post if you enjoyed it.



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