Padmaavat after so many hurdles reaches to the destination. The release of this movie was very challenging for the producers of the film. But collection amount of film showed that it people loved it and now no complaints from fans part. Read here Padmaavat Box Office collection.

Box Office Report:

Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s efforts pay to him. At last, the release was successful and the movie earned a very big amount in just 4 days after out.

The report from box office is very delightful. In the updates, it is clear that film is going very hit as it collected 30 crore on Sunday. It was the very big day for the film as it pays vital to race to 100 crore club. The approximate earning of Thursday is 17.75 crore and 31 crore on Saturday.

According to the sources report, Padmaavat welcomed 110 crore easily in a very short time that is just 4 days. It is obvious that protests against the movie could not succeed in destroying the reputation of it. The series will continue don’t miss any update from our site.

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