This is not a love story, this is a story about love? What does this mean?

Dan (Varun Dhawan), a college student of hotel administration is an intern at the best inn in Delhi alongside his group mates. An occurrence happens at the lodging where one of his partners Shiuli (Banita Sandhu), arrives up at in the hospital. This creates and impact into Dan’s life far profoundly than he at any point envisioned, and consequently, he sets out on dramatic voyage of his life where he looks for answers and love in the most unexpected way

‘October’ isn’t bound by Indian sensibility alone; it is a sympathetic story that will perhaps appreciate a considerably more extensive interest crosswise over the global gathering of people. It is obvious that the executive needed this tale of affection to locate its own life cycle of bloom. Be that as it may, for a crowd of people looking for amusement, given the listless pace of the story, it may appear to be exhausting.

Truly, it is a film about adoration, seen from Dan’s unadulterated and straightforward world-view and Shuili’s quiet, enduring gazes. This is not a story created with overwhelming dosages of discoursed, sentimental anthems or pretentious that usually seen in the movies today.

They say it is an old-school love story.

The magnificence lies in its clarity and all. Dan is a 21-year-old in this time and who still has a considerable measure of maturity to make; he is a bit of uncoordinated at work, a bit overconfident, however not with a demeanor of superiority. He doesn’t say a lot; however, he’s limit and clears. Dan conveys what needs be with an odd purity that makes him adorable. As partners, Shiuli and he doesn’t share anything but of a couple of looks and some small talks.

After the scene where Shiuli lies in bed, Dan is attracted to her horrifying and still world. And developed something flowed between the two of them. Could it be love? We don’t know.

Shoojit Sircar gives life into each scene with his subtle different path. The film evolves at a relaxed and slow transition, but never loses its grace. He gives you a look into the lives of his characters, and slyly brings you into his crease. On occasion, you accidentally overlook that you are seeing a movie; but, you turned into observing the lives of this genuine people, with genuine, pure feelings.

The scene at the hospital of Dan and Shiuli, where they realize their relationship in their own unexpected way, is wonderfully executed. It throbs with feeling and influences you laugh a bit. The film isn’t without light humor, it is slipped into the account so consistently that it will abandon you astounded.

The melodious screenplay, story, and scripts written by Juhi Chaturvedi exceed expectations in each scene, never dismissing what the film embarks to accomplish. Each feeling in this film isn’t spelled out; the most overpowering scenes are bound with light talks and hushes that leave space for understanding.

Varun Dhawan drops the Bollywood character’ clothed in the most minimized and exceptional execution of his life. Shoojit splendidly transform Varun into Dan, making you not able to remember that you at any saw him scoring shirtless on screen previously. Banita utilizes her lovely eyes to express feelings, or absence of it. It’s an exhausting job, as that is the only thing in her game. While Gitanjali as Shiuli’s mom is an exemplary character.

‘October’ is not bound by Indian sensibility alone; it is a humane story that will possibly enjoy a much wider appeal across international audiences. It is evident that the director wanted this story about love to find its own life cycle of blossom. But for an audience seeking entertainment, given the languid pace of the story, it might seem boring.

Shoojit Sircar’s ‘October’ says a ton, without saying excessively. Avik Mukhopadhyay (cinematography) sets the movie with beautiful magnificence and an appeal that is unpreventable. The foundation score by Shantanu Moitra delicately mixes in, adding temperament to the dramatization.

This movie is totally different from the others because it showcases how love transforms into a most unexpected way in a journey of a man’s life. The concept is also unique as we have a chance to view the characters in the unique setting. This movie doesn’t beg for something; thus, it demands to be felt.

Dan’s genuine story will wait for a great many. Go, take everything in.


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