Nirdosh is Arbaaz Khan starred upcoming Bollywood film. People have the curiosity to know about the Nirdosh Movie Review.

Review about Nirdosh:

It is dramatic thriller story of three household and their sweet daughter. Just a single person comes as a strange one in the life of some glad people.

Nirdosh Movie Review

It has mysterious murder to show off in the film. Arbaaz Khan is a special crime detector officer in the movie. When the girl tried to interfere in the lives of other it got a victim of self-destruction. And it’s true that no one allows other to come as a tension in their lives. The same thing happens here in the Bollywood movie. It is actually a crime thriller movie.

The movie is very interesting to watch as it contains many twists that will blow your mind. The mysterious murder in the whole drama is very irritating. The Man Arbaaz Khan sets out to solve the mystery of the murder. Whole the time murdered didn’t reveal itself. But at the end, he has to go to the deserving place.

Mukul act of beating his wife was not good. While all other roles in the crime movie were perfect for the shoot. The Arbaaz Khan was tremendous on his part. The action direction and script was noticeable.

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  1. This movie is a good despite a low budget movie and an ok cast. still, you can scratch your head as there is a good surprise element of suspense. I read Critics review also at Bollywood Hungama news site which covers all kinds of Bollywood updates, so go to Bollywood Hungama.

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