There was a time for Malini Agarwal when she migrated to Mumbai in 2000. That was a very challenging time for her as she had just 40,000 NRA in hand. She hired a shared room with six other girls. For last one dozen of years or two, she turned to a popular celebrity of India. She is fashion designer, blogger and also has a music studio. She is an instance of the phrase time never remains the same.

Malini Agarwal

Now she is very fine gossip writer and lifestyle-centric writes. She just worked on her hobbies and turned them into her passion and way of earning. In this was she flourished her business. So many brands are present which wanted to work with them. Malini created her own book in which wrote about her journey in Bollywood and tough circumstances she has to face.

Dreams come true:

Malini Agarwal focused deeply on it that if you have the link with social media and other transmission media you can change the ideas of people by your creation. These were some rule she imposed on herself and implemented on it. From the past days from radio transmission and all of her achievements is the proof that failure is nothing. Just a lesson is recondite behind it.

Malini Agarwal

Just map out your passion says Malini and pursue your mission with all of your devotions. Japanese concept gave way to draw. Whereas she started up blogs as a desi girl style featured in Bollywood Music and fashion. But she realized that she has to move forward with this concept.

She says that social media is a powerful tool. Which made her hit. She remembers the time when she got a tweet from Actor Imran Khan. And appreciated her on the performance in the show. Agarwal never writes on the topic while blogging about complex structure ideas. So that she has not to face to be unanswerable before the followers. She thinks not only negative things to write you have a wide piece of choice.


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