Bigg Boss contestants have always been famous for staying in LimeLight because of their controversial comments or stories. Like every year some contestants have been in the news even after the show is over. Out of the most famous contestants of this year were Shilpa Shinde Shilpa Shinde’s marriage( bhabhi Ji Ghar par hai Fame actress) who won the 11th season of the show and an ex-contestant Arshi Khan.

Once again rumors of conflict between Shilpa Shinde and ex-contestant Arshi Khan have started coming. Recently, Arshi Khan gave her reaction when she was asked about Shilpa Shinde’s marriage rumors. She said Shilpa told me that she will never marry.


Though, Shilpa Shinde’s marriage seems to be rejecting all her comments by saying Arshi Khan is a liar. It is strange that once the two contestants shared the relationship between a mother and a daughter and now have conflicts between them. When Arshi Khan returned to Bigg Boss after elimination she even apologized from Shilpa about all the past miss happening and conflicts between them. No doubt both of them were friends once again as Shilpa accepted her apology wholeheartedly. Even after Bigg Boss 11 finished and Shilpa Shinde won. She was seen wearing the bangles which were gifted to her by Arshi Khan and this incident also proved that everything was fine between the two.


Now as Arshi had said something about Shilpa Shinde’s personal life that Shilpa Shinde’s marriage couldn’t resist and gave her an answer for her statement. After the finishing of Bigg Boss 11, In an interview Arshi said that Shilpa won’t marry ever and all the rumors about Shilpa Shinde and Vikas Gupta’s marriage are just rumors only as Shilpa is not going to marry him she also clear that everything she is saying was told to her by Shilpa itself.

When Shilpa Shinde was confronted about Arshi’s comments Shilpa denied everything said by Arshi by saying that yes she and Arshi talked about her marriage plans but she cleared it by saying that she does not have any plans for marriage yet and Arshi is nothing but a liar.

Shilpa Shinde’s marriage
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It was common Shilpa Shinde’s marriage for the Big Boss contestants to change colors like a chameleon inside the house but after these insider stories, it seems that the fights between Arshi and Shilpa are not finished yet and all is not well between the two.


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