Barbara Mori is Mexican film actress as well as a supermodel. She is popular for fashion modeling. Barbara, later on, started producing and also movie writing. You are reading the Barbara Mori Biography know much of unknown facts about her.

Early life:

Barbara Mori was born in Uruguayan on 2 February 1978. She started her career in 1997. Yuyi Mori and Rosario Ochoa are her parents. Mori has two sisters one of them is also actress name Kenya Mori and other is Kintaro Mori. The parents of actress divorced when she was only three. As she spent her child life in Mexico and Uruguay but later on she permanently settled in Mexico.

Acting Career:

Barbara started up with modeling and she got first to offer by Marcos Toledo. At that time she was serving as a waitress and she surprised to the offer. Then she peruse modeling in his later life.

She also joined the classes for acting in El Centro de Estudios. Where she improved herself as a professional actress. Barbara made her acting debut in Al Norte Del Corazon which was a telenovel. Just after that, she appeared in Tric Tac was a comedy thriller film.

In the following year, she got the award for Mirada De Mujer for emerging actress. She did a number of the movie after 1998 which led her to commercial success. During 1998 she showed up with the leading role in Azul. Azul was the movie in which she appeared with Mauricio Ochamnn.

Barbara appeared in Bollywood with Hrithik Roshan’s hit Kites. Rakesh Roshan was the director of the and its captured in Mexico, Las Vegas. She also performed in 1 a Minute.

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