Bahubali 1, released in 2015, also written as Baahubali is an Indian Telugu movie based on historical fiction. A well-known figure of Telugu cinema, S. S. Rajamouli is the director of the film. With approximately ?1.8 billion budgets, famous as Indian “Lord of the Rings” Shobu Yarlagadda and Prasad Devineni have produced the movie.

The film, as said, with the budget of 1.8 billion Indian rupees, is the known to be most expensive movie ever made in Indian cinema history. Probably this is one of the reasons Bahubali 1 (Baahubali: The Beginning) is considered as the answer to Hollywood’s super hit Lord of the Rings. If you’re not one who has watched the movie that has been released on 10 July 2015, verily you’re the one who has just missed a record-breaking box office success.

What the Word “Baahubali” Means:

If you’re an English reader or any reader who is not much familiar with the Dravidian language native to India, you cannot understand what Bahubali really means. Baahubali is a word from the Telugu language, that means “The One with Strong Arms.” It also mingles the word “The Beginning” which is taken as a co-meaning of the word “Bahubali.”

The Background of the Movie Bahubali 1:

After watching the greatest movie ever made in Indian history with respect to special effects & animation, the thing dominates in one’s mind are the beautiful scenes and colors. The movie, however, circles around the character Baahubali. Who is not only strong but just & kind as well. But who is Bahubali? Let us find some more depth.

Who is Amarendra Baahubali?

“Kattappa Killed Baahubali.” This is all those people know who haven’t watched the movie. You’d probably be thinking that I’ve spoiled the movie. But the case is not the same. Because even knowing the fact that Kattappa (Rolled by Sathyaraj), who is a slave of the royal family of Mahismati Kingdom, has killed his master Baahubali, the interest & suspense in the move remains constant.

Historically, Amarendra Baahubali (Prabhas) is the most respectful person in Jainism. He was the son of Adinath. However, in the movie, Baahubali is presented in the story told by Kattappa. The father of Baahubali died along before his bird. And mother died while giving him the life. Baahubali, then look after by Sivagami (Ramya Krishnan) who assumed the Kingdom after the death of her husband Bijjaladeva.

Baahubali was not the only taken care by Sivagami, but along with his rival Bhallaladeva (Rana Daggubati). Sivagami had decided to give the rule of Kingdom who deserved the most. Finally, Amarendra Baahubali proved himself for the Leadership of the Kingdom with his strong, just and kind personality. However, later killed by Kattappa. And that is what loyal Kattappa has told with tears in his eyes.

Plot of Bahubali 1:

The story starts with an injured woman of Mahismati. Who is trying to save a baby with her? Three men were following her to kill her. However, finally, she managed to kill them. Trying to find a suitable place, she was the drone in the river. She saved the baby by keeping him over the water. Some villagers rescued & kept the baby. While she was disappeared in the water saying “Mahendra Baahubali must live!”.

The baby raised and named Sivudu (Prabhas)  by Sanga (Rohini) and her husband. Note that Prabhas had played a double role in the movie Bahubali 1. The young Sivudu is very strong and loving. Always trying to climb the mountain where he came from. Mother was always worried of his going up to find his real destiny. But finally, he reached his destiny by following a dread girl behind the mast he had found in the river.

The girl was Avantika (Tamannaah), who was a freedom fighter against the Emperor Bhallaladeva of the Kingdom Mahismati. Avantika was to rescue Sivagami from the Kingdom. Thanks, nobody killed her. The loyal Kattappa had many times offered her freedom. But she had always refused as she was waiting for his son known as Sivudu.

Knowing that Sivudu came after Avantika, she fell in love with her. But she was loyal to the mission. She decided to end the love story. But Sivudu promised to fulfill her mission come what may.

Sivudu was the copy to his father Baahubali by look & feel. Going in the mission to rescue her mother, he was recognized by an old man as Baahubali. Finally giving a hard fight, he rescued her mother and killed the Emperor Bhallaladeva. Now he was confused who he was. Kattappa told the whole story.

Critical Analysis of Bahubali 1:

Although Bahubali 1 is one of the great movies ever made in India, yet it has to face strong criticism. If you’re going to compare it with other movies in India, there is no match. However, is it worth 3rd greatest movie at word level? In my opinion, “No.”

If you are going to rank movie at international level, Bahubali 1 is not even in top 100. The effects and 3D animation in Baahubali have no match with another Indian film. But comparing it with other movie industries? I’m sorry that India is 20 years behind. Even 1980s sci-fi classic movie, ‘Back to the Future’ is better in animation and special effects.

And sorry to say, the highly anticipated movie is not worth the strong story. Everyone can see the inclination of story writer towards a specific religion. Don’t say that this is an epic historical movie. Even Hollywood has made many historical movies. But you will find brassiness very rare.

However, despite all these criticism, the movie has made the great business. The movie is worth watching! I would recommend you to watch the movie Bahubali 1 today. I challenge you’ll going to watch the all other parts as well.


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