Anurag Kashyap with a hope

As a matter of fact, both Anurag Kashyap and SRK have no Concern with each other even on the cinematic level. But the man surprised everyone saying that he will not leave Bollywood. Several times he found a way to work with Shah Rukh Khan.

During the interview, Anurag said that many lost chances occur. More, he said that he was about to work with SRK in the No Smoking it the was movie to make people aware with the damages of smoking. But unluckily the role went to John Abraham. He did this movie but also unhappy for the drop role of Shah Rukh Khan. With grace of, God he found another fortunate to work with SRK but just like before this chance also gone. And the selected movie was Allwyn Kalicharan.

Anurag is in the hope that they will work together because he is not going anywhere before appear with him. He said further that is thinking about to write a film that will attract him. From the time of university SRK remain lead over the Kashyap. I considered him like my big brother said Anurage. He is more popular and successful then me. I am strongly looking for that chance. And I am not unhopeful in this matter.

Anurag Kashyap has brilliant Bollywood directing, screenwriting and producing career. He did many hit Bollywood movies also Telgue and Malayam movies. He is also director of upcoming Bollywood movie Mukkabaaz.

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