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Akshay Kumar’s PadMan watch the motivational curtain raiser

Akshay Kumar’s PadMan

Akshay Kumar’s PadMan is on the way very near to the long waiters. The film created curiosity among the fans. Makers changed its date randomly but now the 9 February is the final for PadMan.

Akshay’s Best Role:

The audience is waiting 9 of February impatiently for the big message. Akshay Kumar starred opus is very interesting to watch because the Akshay is in the best performance. The look of Akshay is charming in the curtain. It has a wonderful lesson for Indians.

The Akshay is showing the efforts of a single man for the whole community of his village. In the video curtain, he addresses the people. He tells the difference between the bad for women and cricket wears for the players. It’s true that man should do that is good for him as all do. There are some side talkers who point out it as blunder doesn’t pay attention to him.

It is a very good message for the rural women who feel it irritate to use of pads. It is not irritating but it is a part of efforts of people. He said the few golden lines which I like much and it really creates Goosebumps on you.

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