Aiyaary Movie

Aiyaary Movie is coming this 9 of February. But the maker’s team is still in tension with the release of the film. The film of Neeraj Pandey is unavailable with the certificate from the censor board of India.

Just a week before the release of Aiyaary a new problem arises with the clearance of the movie. This is a critical time for the director and other teams to make sure the release of Aiyaary. CBFC is dallying in the providence of proper certificate. This is due to the film is based on the army and is a political issue to portray. In the film, senior army officers are on the scene.

The main characters are Sidharth Malhotra and also Manoj Bajpayee is present. The film is dealing with banter between the two. And it highlights their role in the army in every detail. The movie is to face a clash with Akshay Kumar movie PadMan.

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