Aiyaary goes interact with PadMan as both big films will release on the same day.  PadMan first scheduled to release with Padmavati but the Makers of PadMan decreed that the film will not out on the announced date. Now the film Padman is again postponed. It is very interesting to see the Aiyaary Box Office Clash with PadMan.

Big Day with Big Movies:

At first, rumors were that Aiyaary target clashing is Robot 2.0. But as soon as Akshay Kumar tweeted the new release date of PadMan it went viral with different comments. Some appreciated it but others said that the release delayed fear that Padmavati will take over it.

Aiyaary Box Office Clash with PadMan

Now the clash drama is no more the film Aiyaary and Akshay Kumar’s release. Predictions are that the movie Aiyaary will be the super hit. And the excitement from people side is also noticeable. It is expecting to get a huge crowd because Akshay’s movie is also delayed. So there is no interference for the successful running of this Bollywood movie.

That’s all was an overview on the recent news. According to the latest information, PadMan is again set to out on 9 February with Aiyaary. Now the drama show is again between the two.

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